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Whittemore-Prescott Education Foundation
Grant Guidelines

Grant Program Objective

The objective of the WPEF grant program is to encourage and fund programs which will serve to enhance educational opportunities – via creative teaching and learning programs and projects – for students in the Whittemore-Prescott Area Schools (WPAS) system.

Types of Projects Funded

  • The WPEF desires to award grants for projects that:
  • Are not funded through traditional local, state or federal sources
  • Employ innovative methods or techniques to inform and educate
  • Show the most promise of enhancing the educational process
  • Have a direct and immediate impact on the largest number of students
  • Yield materials or processes that will benefit future students
  • Can achieve measurable results

Types of Projects typically Not Funded

  • Programs that would replace or relieve the responsibility for public funding
  • Professional staff development
  • Capital improvements
  • Compensation shortfalls
  • College scholarships
  • Field Trips (unless there is a compelling educational value to the trip)
  • Programs that have already been completed

Grant Evaluation

The Grant Screening Committee will be comprised of the entire WPEF Board of Directors which will make all funding allocation determinations.  Each Board member cast their vote for each proposal either in person, by telephone or by proxy.  The Board will be guided by the Foundation’s Mission Statement when making funding decisions.

Applicant Eligibility

WPAS faculty and administrators are encouraged to apply for grants which meet the WPEF’s Mission Statement.  Additionally, other interested outside parties may submit applications for funding consideration.

Application Timing & Processing

Grant applications will typically be reviewed twice per year at Board meetings in May and November.  Grant applications must be completed and submitted to the WPAS Superintendent two weeks prior to the Board meeting where the grant request is to be considered.

Grant applicants will have an opportunity, and are encouraged, to make a personal presentation – not to exceed fifteen (15) minutes – to the Board of Directors at their semi-annual Grant Evaluation meetings.  Grant applicants may be present during the deliberation of Grant requests.  Every effort will be made to fund approved Grants within 30-days of approval.

Application Processing

Applicants should complete the WPEF Grant Application and deliver it to the WPAS Superintendent for presentation to the WPEF Board.  If the Board desires, it may be necessary for the Applicant to present their project to the WPEF Board at a regularly scheduled meeting.  Every effort will be made to inform the Applicant of the Board’s funding decision on a timely basis.

Funding Limits

The majority of Grants will consist of Mini-Grants not to exceed $500.  Larger Grants will be considered for extraordinary projects or programs but normally will not exceed $5,000 for any single proposal.
Downloadable copy  WPEF Grant Guidlines.pdf

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