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Making a Donation is Simple

Listed below are a few ways you can contribute to our fund at the Community Foundation:

Gifts of Cash
A gift of cash is one of the most popular choices for many donors. Simply download, print, and fill out and return the contribution form along with a check made payable to W-P Education Foundation in the amount of your choice.

Credit card / Online Gifts
Donors can use their credit card to make a gift. You can call the CFNEM at (877)354-6881 and the staff will be very happy to take your information. Even easier, donors can go to our secure website, www.cfnem.org and hover over “Give” and then click on “Make a Gift”. Then either click on “W” in the alphabetical listing or enter “Whittemore-Prescott” in the “Enter Keyword” box. You can the click on the “Whittemore-Prescott Education Foundation Fund” and proceed with your donation. When you’ve completed your gift, you will receive an email confirmation and the WPEF will be notified of your gift. You will be mailed an official receipt for your donation.  

Appreciated Securities
A donor can make a gift of appreciated securities, take a tax deduction for the market value of the gift, and pay no capital gains tax.

Bequests made in wills or trusts are attractive methods of giving for people who want to minimize estate taxes and continue supporting our purpose.

Life Insurance Policies
Donors may choose to make a gift by assigning a life insurance policy to the CFNEM.

Deferred Gifts
Charitable gift annuities and trusts are excellent avenues of  giving. These are contracts between the donor and the Community Foundation for Northeast Michigan for the benefit of the Whittemore-Prescott Education Foundation, which stipulate that the donor wishes to receive a life income in the form of an annuity. After the income-paying period, the remaining money held by the Foundation will be transferred to our endowment fund.